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Discover the power of PHP and how it has shaped the online world!

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What You Will Learn in this course?


What is protocol?

What is DNS?


Intermediate HTML5.


Intermediate CSS3.

HTML5 + CSS3 Projects.


Intermediate JavaScript.

Projects with JavaScript.

Basic to advance

Complete PHP OOP.

eCommerce Website with PHP.



MySQL with MySQLi.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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 PHP is an open-source scripting language. It is widely used for developing interactive web pages and applications.

Developing code with Core To create web pages and applications in PHP, you must have extensive knowledge of the language. On the contrary, advanced PHP is entirely based on building projects with frameworks that include custom functions. Both are excellent sources of development, with one being a step-by-step process and the other being a direct and quick method of completing the task.

Yes, you can learn PHP as a beginner. The LearnWebCode PHP Beginner Tutorial complements the learning needs if you want to learn it as a beginner. The tutorial offers topics like introduction to PHP and other basics that scaffold learning advanced topics.

PHP is an open-source programming language and it’s one of the most important and popular server-side languages used in web development and web services. PHP is a very versatile programming language and can be used for any kind of applications like Web Programming, Web Development, Web Designing, Website Development or anything that requires web. It is mostly used for web development. Command-line Scripting, Server-side Scripting, Desktop Application Development, Web Development Careers like web designers, web architects, and webmasters are some of the many career options after PHP.

Yes, you can learn PHP as a beginner. The LearnWebCode PHP Beginner Tutorial complements the learning needs if you want to learn it as a beginner. The tutorial offers topics like introduction to PHP and other basics that scaffold learning advanced topics.

Learn PHP in detail to start programming in this scripting language.  LearnWebCode offers the PHP course for aspiring PHP professionals and makes them confident of using this language professionally.

Yes, you can! LearnWebCode Online PHP Course is available on mobile devices, computers and is accessible on TV screens too. The self-paced tutorial can be accessed from anywhere, including your home. It helps you do the course without taking a break from the current job or main degree program you are pursuing.

Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of Procedural PHP, Object Oriented PHP, MYSQLi, and ending the course by building a CMS system similar to WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Lots of it.  Go over to freelancer.com, fiver.com, upwork.com etc and search for PHP projects. You will see so many projects waiting for people to finish them in that site. There are actually more projects in PHP than in any other language. 

Yes Yes Yes.  PHP is one of the best web programming languages in the world, and all the large important websites, like Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and many more use it for their web applications. 

Still Not Convinced?

With the AMAZING project we build, you will learn all the SKILLS to land that job or project.

This is a real project that we take online and I walk step by step on everything from scratch.

We aim to teach technology the right way but at the same time putting emphasis on each of our students.

You will learn how to launch your application online.

I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting value from me. 🙂

Below are the COURSES Included in Our Package

Web Basics [14 Classes]
HTML5 [30 Classes]
CSS3 [33 Classes]
HTML + CSS [6 Classes]
JAVASCRIPT [43 Classes]
BOOTSTRAP [4 Classes]
PHP BASICS [30 Classes]
MYSQL BASIC [5 Classes]
PHPMYADMIN [27 Classes]
WEBSITE [ 15 Classes]
PHP OOP [24 Classes]
XML [3 Classes]
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Some of my students reviews for this course

This course is just awesome. You will learn the basics and then you will jump to making your own CMS. Every little piece of code is described very well, so you exactly know, what you are doing. After finishing this course I was ready to make my own social networking site.

Amrit Kaushal

Every programming course I have taken until now has been extremely boring and I found it difficult to concentrate, but your course was clear, entertaining and kept me hooked till the very end. I remember everything I learnt in your course and have gained a deeper understanding of terms and methodologies that seems incomprehensible until now. Thank you


To be honest its keeping me away from bed xD.. I really really love the course. If i need to describe the course from my personal view, one word: Epic! Really looking forward for the stuff that will be added in the future! Great job and thumbs up!

Suresh Sharma

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